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Permagard Exosphere Protection Film: Door Cups (4 Doors)

Permagard Exosphere Protection Film: Door Cups (4 Doors)
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Permagard Exosphere Protection Film: Door Cups (4 Doors)

Whether it be to protect a new vehicle or to rejuvenate your current vehicle, we offer Permagard Automotive premium products to provide you with the best in Exterior Paint protection, Interior all-surface protection and window tinting. 

Exoshphere PPF: Door Cups (4 Doors)

  • Exosphere Paint Protection Film (PPF) is designed and engineered to protect your
    vehicle against unsightly chips and debris damage from everyday wear and tear.
  • Exosphere PPF offers a barely visible physical barrier that is resistant to light to
    moderate scratching, minor impacts and scuffing. It harnesses elasticised molecular
    technology to produce a flexible coating that eliminates swirl marks and fine scratches.
    The film absorbs scratches and scuff marks, and once it is exposed to heat such as
    sunlight it will self-level, returning to its previous form.

10 Year Warranty*

Add this item to your chart and checkout. Upon payment, one of our team members will be in contact with you to arrange installation. Alternatively, submit your question below. 

* Warranty coverage against film failure - bubbling, cracking, discolouring or peeling for a period of 10 years from installation. For full warranty details, please refer to the Permagard Exosphere Paint Protection Film Warranty Terms & Conditions.