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Lifespan Kids 3.0m Standalone Slide (Green)

Lifespan Kids 3.0m Standalone Slide (Green)
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Lifespan Kids 3.0m Standalone Slide (Green)

It's an exhilarating ride down our enormous 3m Slide. This is the perfect addition to any large cubby, play centre, or platform. Made in the Netherlands, this slide is sturdy and safe outdoors in our harsh Aussie climate. Little thrill seekers will have so much fun on the 3m Slide.

General Structure

Our 3.0m Slides are excellent additions to any cubby-house, play center or platform with the right height and structure to suit a slide. The top of the slide comes with two fitted holes for screws to be drilled in. Safe, fun, Injection-mold UV stabilised slide for endless hours of fun.

*Colour may vary due to the nature of the materials used
*Hardware not included

Made in Netherlands

Dimensions and Weight

    Dimensions: 300cm Length, 50cm Wide (34cm Internally)
    Suitable dimensions for Fitting: 260cm x 150cm (L x H)


High-density Polyethylene


12 months part replacement warranty