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Lifespan Fitness BN-6 Chin Up Attachment Lifespan Fitness BN-6 Chin Up Attachment
Special Member Offer
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_BENCHBN6CUP
Transform your bench into the ultimate compact home gym station. Add chin-ups, the king of back exercises, to your workout with the Cortex BN6 bench chin-up attachment. The chin up attachment is installed by quickly sliding them into the rear tube behind the seat...
Lifespan Fitness BN-6 Dip Attachment Lifespan Fitness BN-6 Dip Attachment
Special Member Offer
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_BENCHBN6DIP
Blast your upper body muscles with the Cortex Dip Attachment for the BN6 Adjustable Bench. The Dip is an intense workout that targets a huge range of muscles, especially your chest and triceps. Increase the versatility of your home gym by investing in the dip attachment...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_BENCHBN6
Support yourself through a huge variety of exercises with the BN6 Full Incline Bench that can target heaps of upper body muscles. Six levels of adjustment from decline and flat to incline takes you through 90 degrees of range. The BN6 Standalone Bench is compatible with a dip attachment and ..
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_CSAC-BRSVD-3815
Get a full-body workout with our Cortex Sleeved Battle Rope.  Sleeved and engineered with high-density Nylon, Our Cortex Battle Rope is designed to endure the toughest of workouts. Whether you're into CrossFit or HIT, or just looking to do some resistance and endurance training, the variety off..
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_PLYOBOX-3IN1
Our 3-in-1 Flip Plyo Box has 3 heights (51cm, 61cm, 76cm) to find the right challenge for each exercise. Able to stand up to a heavy workout, our Plyo Box is made with high density foam, and wrapped in heavy duty PVC to prevent wear and tear through extensive usage. Injuries like bruises and scrapes..
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_BARBELLLANDMINE-PARH
Our Parallel Landmine Handle allows you to master your rows due to the strong steel construction. Made with seamless steel sleeve and rubber grips to minimise scratching and damage to bars...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_ABROLLER
The CORTEX Ab Roller fits all fitness levels, and is highly recommended for those looking to incorporate a dynamic and high-intensity abdominal and core workout into their workout routine. Feel the intensity through your upper & lower abs, lower back and obliques...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_CXBB-ATNA100-SC
Our Cortex Strength ATHENA100 15kg 200cm Olympic Barbell is designed for all types of olympic lifting with a rating of 450lb (204kg). With a shorter length, this barbell is easier to handle and store. Comes with precise knurl gripping, a standard 2.87cm grip diameter and easy to use Spring collars...
Lifespan Fitness CORTEX Barbell Squat Pad
Special Member Offer
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_BARBELLSQUATPAD
Heavy, knurl or even un-knurled center barbells can be painful on your neck and upper back region. With our thick, soft and durable barbell squat pad has a carved out mid section to conform to the shape of your neck, you'll be able to focus on your form and lift heavier without discomfort...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_BARBELLLIFTER
The Deadlift Jack measures in at 990mm wide at the barbell guards, and 1070mm at the base supports, giving you plenty of balance as you change weight. It takes very little effort to jack the bar with a 755mm long lever handle to leverage the weight off the floor...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_BARBELLLIFTERSA
Designed to create an efficient and effective workout for you. Switching weights between deadlift sets have never been so easy with our Single Arm Deadlift Jack. Not only is your time saved but so is your energy to exert during reps when it really matters..
Lifespan Fitness CORTEX Olympic Aluminium Collars
Special Member Offer
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_OLYCOLLARSALU
For a quick and easy transition between weight plates, the Olympic Aluminium Collars are the perfect fit for your weight training. Safely and secure your weights with the commercial design and heavy duty aluminium design of the lock collars...
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