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Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_POWERBAGRACK5
Our 5-Tier Power Bag Rack will help store your Power Bags or other weights conveniently...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_DBADJUSTSTAND
Keep your room tidy with the Adjustable Dumbbell Stand...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_CSST-WPSTGSET-B
Our Cast Iron Tri-Grip 25mm Standard weight plates are built to last. The Tri-Grip design allows for easy handling and heavy duty cast iron ensures maximum durability. The 25mm hole is compatible with standard sized bar sleeves. Make your training count with a versatile weight set that includes a ba..
Lifespan Fitness CORTEX LP1 Vertical Leg Press
Special Member Offer
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_STATIONLP1
The coveted leg press can be a huge part of your leg day routine. The Cortex LP1 vertical leg press is the best and easiest way to add this solid exercise to your home gym workout. Unlike the traditional bulky 45-degree leg press, the Cortex LP1 offers a powerful leg workout with a compact f..
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_STATIONFT10
All your upper body needs, from isolated to endurance exercises, the FT10 is ideal for all types of strength training...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_STATIONFT40
Provide yourself with a challenging functional training workout for your home gym. The Lifespan Fitness FT40 delivers a wide range of exercises with a weight range of up to 180kg. Catering for all fitness levels the FT40 can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit any exercise...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_BENCHMF4000
Blast out a killer chest workout in your home gym with the Cortex MF-4000 MultiFunction Bench Press system. The MF-4000 has five levels of adjustable incline angles, from decline to incline, as well as the ability to double as a squat rack. More than just a bench press, the MF-4000 is a mult..
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_WTOLYMPIC
Our Olympic Weight Tree will help store your weights and bars conveniently. The weight tree is designed to fit 450mm (IWF Standard) Olympic weight plates and Olympic bars. The bar holders can fit two standard Olympic bars...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_POWERRACKPR2
Round out your home gym setup with the Cortex PR-2 Half Rack. Taking up less space than a full power cage, the PR-2 is a fantastic addition to any home gym or studio. Comes with height adjustable J-Hooks for racking weights, and safety support extended J Hooks. Plenty of clearance for a flat..
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_TRMINI40-2
Discover the benefits of Rebounding with the Lifespan Fitness RevoBounce 2 40" Fitness Trampoline. One of the most effective ways to burn fat and get your heart racing, Rebounding can be as intense as running, and with significantly reduced impact on your joints. Our durable steel zinc plate..
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_STATIONSM10SET
Push harder to the your limits and train safer with our multi-functional SM-10 Cable & Smith Machine. Smith Machine comes fitted with linear bearings for smooth and easy movement, as well as essential attachments included to get you started...
Brand: Lifespan Fitness Model: AU_STATIONSS2
The Cortex SS2 Single Station has everything you need for an intense full body workout with access to over 35 exercises. Challenge yourself with a max weight of 78kg. Weight plates increasing at 5.6kg increments opens the SS2 up to fine-tuning to challenge every user, from beginner to pro. U..
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